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Rocket Espresso - R Cinquantotto


With Cinquantotto translating to 58 in Italian, this represents the independent 580ml espresso boiler used for espresso extraction in this top tier prosumer espresso machine. Dual independently operated PID controlled boilers, allowing for optimum extraction of any coffee type or roast style.

Positioned to the side of the Cinquantotto, the control pod features a vibrant touch screen, on which the home barista can select and adjust temperatures within each boiler to explore a range of possible flavours and steam pressure.

The communication pod also features an automatic on/off timer function so that your machine is ready to go whenever you need and the pod can be removed from the mount and stored so you can highlight the timeless Rocket design.

For optimal performance, the Rocket R Cinquantotto features a commercial grade, high quality, rotary pump. With an external pressure adjustment for enhanced pressure control.

The Cronometro is a subtle shot timer located above the power switch, R Cinquantotto now helps the home barista calibrate and refine their espresso producing skills.

A true collaboration of design, craftsmanship and encouraging the ability to explore espresso through temperature control, an array of features makes R Cinquantotto a top option for its category.


  • A dual boiler PID model offering the ability to adjust the temperatures within each boiler via the control pod.
  • Detachable touch screen display.
  • Automatic on/off so that your machine is ready when you are.
  • The commercial grade rotary pump and motor provide the option for connection to mains water supply or to run from the internal reservoir.
  • Rocket’s subtle cronometro shot timer assists with calibration and espresso refinement when dialling in your coffee.


Width: 310mm

Depth: 440mm

Height: 385mm

Weight: 29kg