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Sensory Lab EOFY - 40% OFF Prepaid Subscriptions

Original price $660.00
Current price $396.00


Lock in discounted coffee for a year with 40% off Sensory Lab's prepaid subscriptions.

Just select which blend you'd like and we'll deliver 1kg of freshly roasted Sensory Lab coffee to your door each month for an entire year!

Plus, you'll never pay for delivery!

About our blends: 

Steadfast is most popular blend and for good reason! Steadfast is our house blend and is perfect for cutting through milk based coffees or for those who like their espresso with a kick!

Santo is 100% organic and ethically sourced. It’s bright, smooth, and fruity. Perfect for those who like their black coffee on the lighter side. 

Stellar is our darkest blend with a rich and syrupy body. Featuring bold flavours of dark chocolate, butterscotch and praline, Stellar is perfect for milk-based coffee or for those who like their espresso with a kick!

Sans is our Swiss Water Process decaf coffee from Latin America. With notes of chocolate, honey and butter, it's a delicious coffee without the caffeine. 

Subscription Details

  • You will be charged only once for this prepaid subscription. 
  • Each month we will ship you 1kg of coffee.
  • The prepaid subscription will expire at the end of 12 months.
  • You will not be charged again.