Sensory Lab Wholesale List


STEADFAST | $36/kg 

Red apple jam. Chocolate Fudge. Balanced.

40% Brazil, Fazenda Sertaõzinho
60% Colombia, Pitalito

SEAMLESS | $38/kg 

Lemon butter. Milk Chocolate. Fresh cream.

60% Ethiopia, Wonberta
40% Nicaragua, El Diablo

Burundi Kibingo (n) | $40/kg 
Jasmine. Chocolate. Molasses.

Costa Rica Venecia Sonora (h) | $40/kg 
Apple cider. Blood orange. Hibiscus.

Guatemala Hamacus (w) | $40/kg 
Blood orange. Jasmine. Praline.

Guatemala La Libertad  (w) | $40/kg 
Peach tea. Apricot. Lemongrass.

Guatemala El Rincon  (w) | $40/kg 
Apricot. White chocolate. Clove.

Latin America Decaf (SWP) | $30/kg
Chocolate. Honey. Butter.


All espresso coffees come in 1kg bags
All decaf and filter coffees come in 250gm zip-lock bags


Orthodox Nespresso Compatible Capsules (10 pack) - $27/carton of 6

Feels Good Organic Nespresso Compatible Capsules (10 pack) - $33/carton of 6 


‘SECULAR’ BLEND (replaces English Breakfast) - $15/250g bag
70% Kaikatty Estate Organic CTC. Kaikatty, Kerala, India
30% Dian Hong, Simao, Yunnan, China
A blend designed for milk. The Indian component provides malty, chocolate body, and the Chinese red adds sweetness, complexity, and a lingering spicy finish, providing a smooth, rich, fudge-y milk tea.

FENG QING DIAN HONG (black tea) - $30/250g bag
Fengqing, Lincang, China
A traditional style of Yunnan red tea presenting a layered malty complexity, a rich dried fruit sweetness and very subtle cacao finish. These characteristics are unique to the sun drying process of this particular material.

LU SHAN YUN WU (green tea) -  $35/250g bag
Lu Shan, Zhejiang, China
The laborious hand processing of this particular Lu Shan (Lu Mountain) material yields a well balanced umami-sweet, vicious yet easy-drinking liquor. Soft ocean spray and spring garden aromas give way to a lingering, fresh aftertaste.

Chamomile – $10/150g
Lemongrass & Ginger – $20/250g bag
Peppermint – $5/50g bag

Earl Grey – $12.50/250g
“Elixir” Drinking Chocolate (55% cocoa) – $140/box of 6 X 1kg
“Premium” Drinking Chocolate (38% cocoa) – $200/box of 12 X 1kg

Tea & Spice Wet Chai – $40/kg
Spice Chai Powder – $10/440g tin
Organic Panella – $50/5kg box / $180/20kg box

Rhinowares Pro Milk Jug (360ml/600ml) – $18/$20
Standing Knock Tube – $75
Knock Tube Replacement Rubber - $8 
Knock Tube Replacement Rod - $8
Brewista Smart Scales V2 - $115
Digital Timer – $10
Digital Pocket Scale – $13
Barista Cloth Set – $15
Jam Funnel – $15
Ohaus “Navigator” Scales – $300

VST Basket (18g/20g/22g ridgeless) – $50
VST Syringe Filter - pack of 100 - $320
10mL Syringe – $2.50

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