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Sensory Lab and LMCP

Sensory Lab and LMCP

Burundi is one of those places we have all heard of as having amazing coffee but we don’t get to drink anywhere near enough. Burundi, just like Rwanda has big issues with the “potato defect” which I think puts a lot of people off. Lucky for us The Long Miles Coffee Project (LMCP) is working at putting Burundi firmly on the map for speciality coffee.


We are really fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the crew from the LMCP this year. For us, the joy of this project is the knowledge that the producers are being paid properly and are treated with respect for their work.

The founders of LMCP, Kristy and Ben Carlson left America with their kids in tow with the idea of trying to get fairer prices for the producers deep in the rural hills of Burundi and improving the quality along with it. This led to the establishment of wet mills and a real shift in production.

The passion these guys have for quality, traceability and the community they work in is something to behold. At the heart of their work is an effort to change the community for the better; to make it more productive, healthy and full of dignity. We really think they are achieving this goal and are so excited to share the results with you.



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