Sensory Module 1 Course

This hands-on course aims to provide the participant with an  introduction to sensory analysis of coffee. 

Participants will learn to taste, identify and communicate the flavours and aromas found in coffee. At the completion of this course, participants will be able to setup and conduct a cupping session to industry standard, well versed in the cupping protocol and terminology used by coffee professional to evaluate and describe coffee. Participants will also be equipped with necessary skills to further develop their sensory and olfactory skills that will continue to improve with more practice.

Introduction to Cupping:
- Why we cup coffee?
- Introduction to Cupping Protocol

Sensory Skills:
- Sweet, Salty & Sour Solution Exercise

Olfactory Skills:
- Matching & Identification of Coffee Aroma
- Using Le Nez Du Café Aroma Kit.

*This course is run in our training facility at Unit 2B 706 Lorimer St Port Melbourne. (Entrance is via Hall St Gate 5)

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