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Sensory Lab - Selva Negra Kenyan - El Salvador Washed


Doña Florence Hill de Mathies is a third generation coffee producer, her Great Grandfather was Mr. James Hill, an English merchant who came to El Salvador in the late 1800s and started the well known mill J. Hill/Las Tres Puertas. Doña Florence Hill de Mathies along with other members of the new generations of the Hill family today continue his legacy. 

After spending time in America she returned to El Salvador to continue the work of her family, taking up the reins in 2009. She prides herself in establishing more efficient processes and innovating where opportunity presents itself. Florence manages many of the family's farms in the region, Selva Negra represents some of her finest work. 

The Kenyan variety came to El Salvador sometime in the beginning of the 20th Century, years before the varieties there were scientifically defined. For hundreds of years the variety has evolved to its landscape in El Salvador creating a peculiar cultivar that initially became popular because it was a highly rust and cold resistant variety. In recent years its value has been in the incredible cup quality of this coffee. 

TASTES LIKE: Fresh Orange & White Blossoms 
El Salvador
SUB REGION, REGION: Apaneca-Ilamatepec Mountain Range
FARM NAME: Selva Negra
PRODUCER: Florence Hill de Mathies
VARIETY / CULTIVAR: Kenyan varieties
ALTITUDE: 1300 - 1750