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Sensory Lab - São Silvestre Aerobic - Brazil


Fresh Red Cherries & Blackberries

COUNTRY: Brazil 
REGION: Minas Gerais
CULTIVAR: Yellow Catuai
PROCESSING: Natural - Aerobic fermentation

It all starts at harvest. At São Silvestre farm, Ismael utilises technology to get the best outcomes. Harvest is mechanical and the cherries are electronically sourced to separate ripe from green or dry ones, without the use of water. The cherries then go straight to traditional African beds as they undergo a careful manual inspection to make sure only suitable ripe cherries have been selected.

Mr. Andrade works very closely to IFES (Federal Institute of Espirito Santo) to experiment on different kinds of fermentation. At the moment, there are 2 kinds of fermentation in place at his farm. In both processes there is a strict temperature control and time, obtaining different profiles. 

For this coffee, Mr. Andrade employs an aerobic fermentation process which uses masonry tanks for aerobic fermentation. Coffee is left to ferment for a certain time until it reaches the desired temperature. This is made in open air and in contact with oxygen.