Replacement Base Only Pergtamp™ - For many common tamper handles.

This is for the BASE ONLY and will fit the most common style handles!!!<<<<<<<

Available exclusively from Sensory Lab

Matt Perger worked closely with Pullman Tampers to create a new tamper that markedly improves extraction, consistency, ergonomics, cleanliness and taste.

This tamper utilises extremely accurate manufacturing to create an effective tamping surface that’s 2cm2 larger than the specialty industry standard 58.35mm tamper. This increased area improves the evenness of extraction allowing baristas to make sweeter, richer and more balanced espressos than ever before.

For more information about how this tamper can make your espressos more delicious, read the article on


  • Will fit the most common tamper handles.
  • 58.50mm Diameter with razor sharp edge.
  • Covers 99.5% of the basket.
  • Tapered sides promote airflow during removal reducing the ‘vacuum effect’ common with larger tampers.
  • Design allows for both classic flat or aggressive ‘nutation’ tamping styles. Example below.
  • High grade 431 stainless steel to maintain a perfect edge.


The Pergtamp™ is only designed for use with VST espresso baskets.The bottom edge of the Pergtamp™ is sharp, and should be treated like a chef’s knife. During use keep it on a cloth. Never drop it on a hard bench or floor, or knock it against other objects; the edge will deform and can cause an imperfect fit or uneven extraction. It will not be replaced or refunded due to misuse or carelessness. 

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Patent Pending #2014901934



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