Cups by Janetta Kerr-Grant

We're very lucky to have worked with Janetta Kerr-Grant on two different cups for our filter and batch brew service. We are retailing and using these cups in service at our Port Melbourne location. Also available for purchase online, where we have a very limited selection!

A note from Janetta.

"The cups are made of two different types of stoneware – they are hand thrown on the wheel, fired, then glazed, then high fired to 1300 C – which makes them very sturdy!  I make my own glazes from raw materials - I use a satin matt glaze on the lighter cups, and a clear shiny glaze on the darker cups. Both glazes are food and dishwasher safe, however the satin glaze will, over time, stain and craze, developing its own patina with use. I see that as part of the ‘story’ of the cup.


I start my day in the studio with a strong coffee and love the simple pleasure of enjoying good aromatic coffee in a handmade cup. I have been making tableware since 2011 and in the same year started creating work for exhibitions. My tableware has a distinctive aesthetic – it has a robust materiality combined with a graphic sense of design. I am also particular about how it feels – often using satin glazes as they invite a sense of touch."