Guatemala Huehuetenango Organic

(e) –  Rosehip. Orange. Brûlée.

(f) – Marmalade. Apricot. Luscious.


This delicious coffee hails to us from various smallholders located in the Huehuetenango, El Quiche region of Guatemala. ASDECAFE is the Sustainable Coffee Association of Guatemala. The main objective of ASDECAFE is to work with groups of producers who are members of Associations and Cooperatives to make washed Arabica coffee of excellent quality available to the international market. Protecting the environment, equal distribution of generated profits, business transparency, a strong commitment to quality and long term relationships with suppliers and clients are the key concepts of “sustainability” for ASDECAFE.


The following are a few of the ASDECAFE member organisations:

Cooperativa Agricola Integral A’xola R.L. - Made up of 105 producing partners, the majority being from the maya potpie ethnicity. Commonly called the Axolá Cooperative, its located in the Petatán Village. Estimated annual coffee production is 5,000 quintales of parchment, each one weighs 100 pounds. 1,100 quintales are organically grown, the rest is considered conventional.

Asociatión Para El Desarrollo Integral De San Pedro Necta

Asociación de Desarrollo Microregional Los Altos del Arrollo Seco - ADIRESEC is an organisation located in the Coyegual Village, in the town of San Antonio Huista, Huehuetenango. Its average annual production is about 2200 quintales of parchment. With altitudes ranging from 1500 masl to 1700 masl, an excellent microclimate, producers of second and third generation coffee growers this area is a perfect for growing and identifying microdots and specialty coffee.

Asociatión Desarraigada Maya Indigena - ADEMAYA is located in the town of Chajul, El Quiche. Made up of 61 producers, most from the maya lxil population, the 40 hectare  production area is 100% organic. Predominant varieties are Bourbon, Catuai and Catimor.

Asociatión de Desarrollo Integral “El Esfuerzo” Tuiboch Todos Santos

Asociatión de Desarrollo Integral La Esperanza Toneca - ADIESTO has 360 partners from diverse ethnic groups. It is located in the town of San Antonio Huista but includes partners from  other towns such as Union Cantonal and Conceptión Huista.  The estimated annual production is 11,200 quintales of parchment of coffee. 18% of the total production is organic.

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