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From beginners to experienced baristas we can teach you all the skills you will need to pour a perfect cup. Classes are held on the La Marzocco espresso machine at our 30 Collins Street store. For beginners we start with the fundamentals of espresso extraction, teaching you how to dose, grind and tamp for that perfect shot, as well as showing you how to steam the perfect jug of milk. For people who already know the basics, we can develop your skills. Demonstrating and teaching how different dosing methods, as well as temperature and pressure profiles, can be used to get the most from your shot. We can also develop your milk and show you the correct technique required for latte art. For the advanced home or professional barista, we can help you to refine your skill-set and fine-tune any areas of your technique you feel you may need help with.

All attendees will receive:
250gm of take home coffee (Steadfast Blend only)
Plus 15% off retail brewing equipment for any purchases after the class
(products must be purchased on the same day).

30 Collins Barista Classes are run during these times:
Monday 5:30 pm or 7 pm

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