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Ture Waji - Majoo Natural



A delicious natural Ethiopian from 'The King of Guji' - Ture Waji. 

This particular coffee comes from the Majoo outgrowers who work with Ture at his Uraga washing station. Having grown up in the region, Ture has very strong connections to the land and the people there. After school, Ture had the opportunity to work at his cousin’s farm Mormora and then Guji Highlands Coffee, both of which are very well respected entities focusing on specialty coffee. Once he had gained enough knowledge and experience he started Sookoo Coffee and was able to export his first coffee under his brand in 2018.

It has taken many years to be able to secure Ture’s coffee, but like many things in life, good things come to those who wait!

We're super excited to present this delicious natural coffee that sings of lychee and bergamot.

COUNTRY: Ethiopia
REGION: Uraga, Guji
FARM NAME: Sookoo coffee
PRODUCER: Majoo outgrowers
VARIETY: Local Landraces
MASAL: 1800 - 2100