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Sensory Lab - Tade GG - Ethiopia Natural


Tade GG is a private farm owned by Tesfaye Bekele. He is so passionate about coffee farming that he has traveled extensively throughout Central and South America to visit coffee farms and learn the different cultivating and processing methods of the regions. 

The landscape is characterised by sharp and rugged hills, ridges, plateaus, valleys and flats creating stunningly dramatic setting. The region’s volcanic soil bursts with nutrients, creating a deep red and brown topsoil. 

The Guji region receives ample rainfall and is marked by steep mountainous terrain. Perfect conditions to support the vast array of coffee found here. Only recently have Guji coffees been distinguished from neighbouring Sidamo and Yirgacheffe producing areas.

Due to their immense quality and unique profiles however, they are quickly gaining international recognition. We’re partnering directly with farmers to help them produce top quality specialty lots that are now completely traceable, adding value for farmers and roasters, alike. 


TASTES LIKE: Dried Mango & Sugarcane 

COUNTRY: Ethiopia



PRODUCER: Tesfaye Bekele

VARIETY / CULTIVAR: JARC varieties , Local Landraces


ALTITUDE: 1,860 - 1,950