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El Horizonte – Honduras Washed



This is our fourth year with producer Reyna Muñoz and her farm, Finca El Horizonte, from the western region of Honduras in the Las Vegas municipality. Reyna Muñoz is as tough as they come. Getting to her small farm requires a hectic 4WD hill climb, or around an hour on foot, that you can't do if the road is wet. Living entirely off the grid, she cares for her extremely humble home and farm by herself, after her husband passed away in a tragic accident. Her young grandson helps when he can, but the majority of the work is done by Reyna herself. 

Reyna has reinvested a lot of her earnings into making the farm better and more efficient, even purchasing an old Paraneima plot next to her land and renovating it. Having seen the difference specialty coffee can make to her life she is committed to producing the best coffee she can, in very trying conditions. She is passionate about the environment and considers herself a custodian of her land and its surroundings. Like we said, Reyna Muñoz is tough as hell—and she's also incredibly inspiring. She is producing some delicious coffee, and this washed coffee is a delightful representation of that quality.

COUNTRY: Honduras

REGION: Las Vegas, Santa Barbara

FARM NAME: El Horizonte 

PRODUCER: Reyna Muñoz

VARIETY / CULTIVAR: Ihcafe 90 & Parainema

PROCESSING: Washed, traditional fermentation 

MASL: 1600