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Bumbogo Washing Station - Rwanda Natural


Blueberry + Dried Dates

The Gakenke district where Bumbogo is located is known for its high-quality coffee and is home to a few Cup of Excellence winning farms.  

Bumbogo washing station was built in 2017 to service the area. It has an impressive expanse of drying beds covering the hills surrounding the washing station itself. The station works alongside the community in ways external to the purchase and processing of its coffee.  

All cherries are hand-sorted before a pre-pulp float where all underripe or damaged cherries are removed, along with any foreign objects. The cherry is then floated in pre-pulping tanks removing any floaters and later pulped. 

Once the cherry is sorted and cleaned, it is ready to be dried. The cherries are laid out evenly across raised beds, providing consistent airflow and height as a way to prevent moisture and animals coming into contact with the cherry. The cherry is then dried for 30 days, turned constantly when the sun is high and covered during the night. Once the cherry has dried, the now dried outer fruit is removed and the coffee beans are ready to be organised for packing.

This natural coffee is a stellar example of the coffee from the Gakenke region with delicious notes of blueberry and dried dates. 

ORIGIN: Rwanda
REGION: Northern Region
SUB REGION: Gakenke District
PROCESS: Natural
ALTITUDE: 1650 – 2000
FARMER/PRODUCER/MILL: Many smallholders
FLAVOURS: Blueberry and Dried Dates