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Rocket Espresso - Fausto Grinder


Showcasing many features to simplify and execute the grind and dose process, FAUSTO grinder is the perfect model to refine technique and deliver flavour.

The touch screen digital display with shot counter and programmable dual control buttons allows for quick adjustments and effortless portion control.

Providing an immediate response to any change in dose and micrometric grind settings.

Delivering coffee directly into the filter basket, the Fausto is a clean on-demand grinder, which for precision dosing can be paused mid delivery allowing the user to maintain an even distribution.

Equipped with a powerful 350 watt motor and commercial quality 65mm flat burrs,

Fausto grinder is accurate and consistently delivers quality flavours.


  • Touch screen digital display with shot counter.
  • 2 automatic portion controls
  • Option for manual continuous grinding (by simultaneously keeping both Automatic portion control icons depressed).
  • Micrometric adjustment / step-less.
  • Ability to pause dose mid-way through delivery to keep a level distribution.
  • 65mm flat stainless steel burrs