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Bukeye Hills – Burundi Natural



Lemon Tea + Red Grape

Bukeye Hills, located in Burundi's Muramvya Province, consists of several small townlets known as ‘Hills.’ The Bukeye Hills Washing Station, established in 2013, has become a key centre for the region's rapid advancements in coffee farming. The station employs agronomists and has launched numerous programs focusing on pesticide use, pruning, mulching, and fertilising practices. In just over a decade, it has grown to employ 113 locals, most of whom are native to Bukeye Hills.

The coffee produced here follows a traditional Burundi fully washed process. Farmers deliver day lots to the washing station, where the coffee cherries are floated and hand-sorted for ripeness, then pulped and fermented. If necessary, an additional stage of foot agitation is used to remove the parchment from the coffee seeds. Fresh water from the station's granite-filtered bore well is used to rinse the mucilage, and the beans are then graded by density and soaked for a final 4-6 hours.

COUNTRY: Burundi
SUB REGION, REGION: Muramvya Province
FARM NAME / WET MILL: Bukeye Washing Station
PRODUCER: Bukeye Microlots  
MASL: 1760