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Sensory Lab - Ndiara AB - Kenya Washed


A delicious coffee from Ndiara Coffee Factory in Murang'a County, Kenya. 

The Ndiara Coffee Factory was established in 1999 and rests on a 2 acre piece of land serving producers from the surrounding villages; Kiogoini, Mathioya, Kagioini and Kagumoini.

After harvesting, the coffee is delivered to the factory and undergoes wet processing. Water is pumped from the Diara River to the reservoir tanks for pulping and recirculation. After pulping, the coffee is stored overnight, washed, soaked and spread on the drying tables. The parchment is then frequently turned on the drying tables, sorted and stored awaiting delivery to the mill. 

Singing of orange and honey, Ndiara AB is an excellent representation of this phenomenal coffee producing region. 


TASTES LIKE: Orange + Honey 


SUB REGION, REGION: Mathioya Division, Murang’a County

WET MILL: Ndiara Coffee Factory

PRODUCER: Many small lot holders



ALTITUDE: 1700 - 2000