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Sensory Lab - Endebess Estate - Kenya Natural


Endebess Estate is located in the northern part of Kenya's Rift Valley, near the market town of Kitale in Trans Nzoiya County. Endebess Estate has about 758 hectares of total land area, 248 of which are coffee.

This natural-processed coffee is fully washed with fresh river water from the Koitobos River and then sun-dried on raised beds. It typically takes 21 to 28 days to dry, depending on the weather. The beans are rotated at least four times a day.

As far back as the 1940's, Endebess Estate milled and processed its own coffee as well as neighbouring small producers. It was sold in 2011 to its current owner and manager, Kaitet Tea Plantations.

Kaitet Plantations focuses on the welfare of its employees and takes social responsibility seriously. The farm financed over 15 housing renovations, sponsored two high school students, and hopes its social responsibility program will expand once the farm reaches greater profitability. In the medium term, Endebess Estate is working on its certification status as infrastructure is being improved.

TASTES LIKE: Lychee & Blueberry
SUB REGION, REGION: Kitale, Northern Rift Valley
FARM NAME: Endebess Estate
PRODUCER: Kaitet Tea Plantations
VARIETY / CULTIVAR: Batian, Ruiru 11, SL 28 and SL 34
ALTITUDE: 1750 - 1950