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Nyamiyaga Washing Station - Rwanda Natural


Pomegranate & Black Cherries

Despite a turbulent history, Rwanda has developed into a delicious coffee producing nation. Lacking any large estates, Rwanda's coffee production is made up of 400,000+ smallholders who each own less than a quarter of an acre of farmland, many of them rely on washing stations to bring their product to market. 

The Nyamiyaga washing station serves around 3,000 farmers who live in the greater Kamonyi District of Rwanda’s Central Province. 

Farmers selectively handpick their cherry and deliver it to the Nyamiyaga washing station. Upon intake, the station employees float the cherry and hand sort it in order to remove any visible defects or low density beans.

For natural lots such as this one, the perfectly ripe cherry is then laid in a thin layer on raised beds to dry in the sun where it is turned frequently to ensure even drying.

This red bourbon variety brings delicious notes of pomegranate and black cherry and is a great example of a natural Rwandan coffee. 

ORIGIN: Rwanda
REGION: Central Province
SUB REGION: Ngoma, Nyamiyaga, Kamonyi
PROCESS: Natural
FARMER/PRODUCER/MILL: Many smallholders
FLAVOURS: Pomegranate & Black Cherries